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The Gatherings
By Claire Gibb
(August 2005)

Upcoming Gatherings

Toronto ON

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

August 31st, 2005

 September 07, 2005

September 14, 2005

Through the last 20 years I have acquired much information on the Dance of Life, through channeling and practicing the dance as often as I could.


One of the key pieces of information that surfaced, involved the importance of practicing the Dance with others. In 1993, I introduced the Dance of Life to close friends and began to host gatherings. Knowing that the Dance is a very intimate exercise with self, I had questioned its effectiveness within a group. I soon realized that the presence of others increased the intensity and power of my own Dance. Participants also recognized the increased intensity and the many benefits of doing their dance with others. Many have passed through my doors through the years, and many came from afar to dance with us. I remain very grateful to have had the opportunity to witness the positive changes we experienced through these gatherings.


Whatever is needed to be done within my Dance is always accomplished regardless of who is present and more efficiently through those present.

It is like waltzing in a ballroom with the love of your life and having the feeling that you are the only ones on the dance floor. You become totally absorbed in the dance as the music picks you up and twirls you around the dance floor. The other dancers may be dancing their hearts out right next to you, but you are totally oblivious as to their presence, their emotions or their movements. All that matters is you, your partner and the music.


OK….come back now…


During a group Dance, you live the same experience, but there is also a sense of awareness that develops.  To expand the story of the ballroom, it is as if your focus shifts from just being the two of you, to suddenly recognizing the grandness of what you are experiencing through the whole. You realize deep inside that you are part of a grand happening and feel within yourself a profound sense of gratitude and honoring for each person in the room for making this possible by playing their part in your experience. I can do my own Dance, and at the same time be aware of everybody else doing theirs and feel, on a very deep level, their contribution to my dance. What I find real cool is that, with practice, we can all gain the ability to shift our focus from one to the other while continuing our own dance. This is what I call empowerment through the whole, or our next step in awakening our awareness of synergy and how it can work… I know that there is strength and power in numbers, but the power I experience is not a power of the mind, there are no struggles for power, we are all the same when we dance, it becomes a very special human expression and experience.



Dancing with others is a true practice of staying connected and allowing yourself to be who you are in the midst of chaos.

I would like to try and give you an idea as to how challenging it could be to do a Dance with others present. If you could imagine attempting to do a meditation with someone singing off key in one end of the room while another chants or talks a funny language or someone else is crying. Well, that is what it is like. It takes a little practice, but the benefits go beyond our understanding, and it develops an incredible strength, focus and centeredness that becomes very hard to shake or break down. These qualities soon become apparent in your everyday life: when you are no longer thrown off by the drop of a hat, but remain calm and at peace while faced with issues that you have not yet understood or assimilated.


It is always about practice and more practice. I call the gatherings a practice in non-judgment where you practice surrendering and allowing others to do the same. A practice in freedom by allowing yourself and others to be, to let go and sing or chant or cry. These practices greatly reduce judgment towards yourself and others. I have gone from doing exercises, dances, tribal dances; I have talked Atlantean and even clucked like a chicken. It can sure keep you humble at times. I have seen myself in Atlantis working with crystals. I have experienced so many degrees of emotions as I laughed and cried. I still hold the serenity of the many chants, songs and tones that have surfaced. I have gone from cradling myself as a child, to remembering myself as an elder, a shaman or a priestess, all in the presence of others. It is a true gift to be able to surrender and allow yourself to do these things freely without feeling any shame in being human. Through the years of hosting and teaching the Dance, there is little I have not seen or experienced.


The more we Dance together, the stronger we become in our own expression regardless of who is present. We develop a true sense of freedom in being who we are as an identity at all times, as we learn to enjoy and accept our humanness. We continue to acquire more and more respect for others as who they are and acknowledge the importance of humanity as a whole.



Another benefit in doing our Dance with others is the way the focused energy assists new Dancers to connect to their own Dance faster and easier. Another reason why I enjoy the gatherings is that we assist others to heal and take charge of their lives by simply being there, by simply doing our own dance: not through advice or criticism, but simply by being present. We are the gift; and the gatherings are an opportunity to share that gift with others, while discovering and strengthening ourselves for this process can only individually enhance and empower the healing effects of the Dance.


It has been a long lasting goal of mine to gather and continue to gather people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures into a common goal of working together at discovering and honoring themselves and others.

By the late 1990s, I was prompted to expand my work to a wider range of people, and started sharing this gift in my Dance of Life Workshops throughout North America and internationally. After workshops, I have always encouraged participants to continue to gather, for these Dances can be invaluable and life-changing.

It brings me such joy to know that some of you continue to practice the Dance of Life, and I celebrate all of you who have opened your doors to gather others in Dance.


After over 10 years of hosting gatherings, I have decided to open my doors here in Toronto.  Those of you who have already taken the Dance or have experienced the CD activations are most welcome to attend. These evenings continue to be an offering on my part as there are no fees involved in attending. I do however request that you register in advance by phone or email.


Hoping to see you soon, and have a little Dance with you….



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