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Gaye's Testimonial  -  Endicott, New York, USA  -

November 21, 2001


This is a journey of changing long-term patterns with treatments provided through the Dance of Life, as well as the workshops facilitated by Claire Gibb between Feb. 2001 and Nov. 2001.  I am a registered nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner and live in Endicott, NY.


My first contact with Clair was in October of 2000 when she asked if I wanted a treatment during an EMF workshop.  At the time I refused, but regretted the decision as soon as I made it.  However, on Feb. 3, 2001 in Owego, NY I got the chance to reopen the door I had closed 5 months earlier.  At the first Dance of Life workshop on that date I asked Claire if it would be possible to have the treatment I had refused before.  I was so pleased when she said yes.  It was so empowering to get a second chance.


The issue I wanted the treatment for started on Feb. 14, 1997 when I was struck by a pickup truck, as a pedestrian, with my left elbow breaking my 3rd-5th ribs on my left side.  That may not have been much of a problem by itself, but ten years before on April 29, 1987 I had been hit on the right side by the fork of a garbage truck. The fork came through right side of the car and pinned me in the driver's seat and broke the 2nd-5th ribs on my right side and punctured the lung.


There was no treatment for the first injury after the lung had healed.  There also seemed to be no ill effects from that injury.  However, the second injury hit a body that was not as flexible as it once had been.  On Dec. 2, 1997 I started treatments every two weeks with Dr. Andrew Goldman, DO, a doctor of osteopathy in Sharon, CT.  His treatments are similar to Cranial-Sacral work without physical manipulation.  His work has helped me make improvements, and I have been traveling 4 hrs one way to see him every 3 weeks since April of 1998. 


I had a repeating physical problem of my ribs (3-8) locking up and I was not able to breathe very comfortably.  They would free up with the Dr.'s treatment, but would only last about 7-10 days and I would be back to square one again.  Also, I was unable to sit for more then two hours at a time.


Since the Dance of Life treatment on Feb. 3, 2001 with Claire, my ribs have not locked up.  The treatment itself was done mostly on the front of my chest, and although I had difficulty laying on my back for the treatment, and had problems breathing at the time, my ribs are now free to move and I am able to take full breaths without discomfort.  An added benefit was that I was able to sit for longer periods without as much discomfort.  As I remember the treatment, it was like Claire's words were beating the area of chest where my ribs were broken to break a pattern of energy stuck there and not moving.  At times the pain increased, but by the end of the treatment it was gone.


The workshop helped me to see my emotional pattern of having to heal myself on my own (isolation) vs. having the energy and support of group energy to move through issues quickly.  Once I made the decision to allow the group energy to assist my movement through emotional issues, it was amazing what changed.  I saw the reason for long standing feelings of self-destruction involving cars (no action ever taken).  This feeling has stopped, as have other negative feelings for the most part.  The Dance of Life provided me with an understanding of the original issue from another lifetime, and the pattern that has carried through time.  I knew that all the answers were within me, I just needed to allow the answers to surface and trust them without explanation or judgment.  It has been very liberating and life changing.


The second Dance of Life treatment involved a two day trip to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (1200 miles round trip) with two car breakdowns 4 hours apart, and almost 12 hours sitting in a hot car.  The issue was that my back was now locking up and there was a lot of discomfort in the area of the 3T-8T vertebrae's of my back.  I found I was able to sit for a longer time and drive for 6 hours without too much discomfort due to the previous treatment.  I went there to attend the workshop, and receive another treatment.  The treatment was done Aug. 12, 2001 on my back.  I remember seeing my spine as if in a block of marble, and as Claire worked I could see the stuck point at the T5 vertebra.  It was very painful and I didn't want her to touch it.  But as Claire worked around it, and then touched it, it was like she was a sculptor who tapped the marble and out came the statue.  Patterns were released and I could watch them fall away. The pain was released and there was freedom in the movement of the vertebras as I breathed.  My whole spine was able to move as it was meant to with my breathing and the ribs.  I have had very little discomfort in my spine since that time.


The emotional issues at that time were loss of power and being emotionally and verbally attacked, and I was able to look at a past life issue of genetic alteration, and enhancement.  Again, with an understanding that the answers are within me, I voluntarily chose to look at this issue during this Dance of Life workshop.  It had presented itself to me at a previous workshop with Steve Rother and The Group in Syracuse, NY on Mar. 11, 2001 in a strong disturbing and traumatic way.  Through the energy of the Dance of Life I was able to see patterns of isolation, being emotionally attacked, and the need to be invisible.  This work changed how I began see myself and how I thought others saw me.

As a point of interest, in the modality of Holographic Repatterning, the T3 represents the feelings "I hold on to deep old hurts; I am unable to communicate; I am blocked off from the world/people".  T4 represents feelings of "I condemn men/women; I need to make others wrong; and I feel insignificant".  T5 represents the feelings "I dam-up my feelings; I am stuck; I am in a jam".  These feelings have shifted and I am no longer stuck in them, but at times I do revisit them for short moments.


I chose to attend a third Dance of Life workshop near Montreal on Sept. 30, 2001 and to have another treatment.  I find the energy of Dance of Life workshops allows me to look at issues I would be afraid to look at by myself, or even talk about, because people wouldn't understand where I was coming from.  I now look forward to delving into deeper issues, knowing I can grow and break old long standing feelings and patterns.  At this workshop I wanted to look at the emotional issue of rejection. Rejection of myself, others, the world, and God.  Also, I wanted to look again at being invisible and anything else that came in.  What was interesting about this workshop was that I had just told a couple there that I have been invisible for a long time in a group.  Claire made out name tags for the 16 people there while I sat in the middle of the horseshoe group.  After passing them out, she asked if everyone had a name tag.  I was the only one who did not.  These old long-standing patterns were then worked on by myself in the Dance of Life, and I came to the understanding of the reasons for rejection and being invisible.  I was shown how each person has their own musical note or sound, and how they are all played individually and together to make the symphony of the world, and how this changes when someone dies.  I have no musical background, so it was fantastic to have this shown to me.  By the end of the workshop I was no long invisible to myself or to others.  My friends have told me that they have seen a difference in me since that workshop.


The physical issue for the treatment was that for several years I have been unable to look up without pain in my neck.  This occurs when my first cervical vertebra and atlas become stuck on the back of my scull.  It was very painful and made it difficult to move my head without a lot of neck pain.  During this treatment Claire worked on my neck and a right foot problem I had been having since Jan. of 2001.  It felt like Claire was moving energy from my lower spine up thorough my neck and out my head.  It seemed that my neck was the size of a straw and there was not enough room for anything to move through.  What I saw were the cells of the neural canal of the spine.  The cells instead of breaking open while expanding, began to grow and become more flexible which enabled the energy to flow smoothly.  Now my neck was able to work correctly with the spine and rib cage so I could breathe easier and could see the neural canal expanding and contracting with my breathing.  Also, another benefit was that my shoulders became relaxed instead of being elevated.  With the clearing of this blocked energy pattern I have been able to move my neck freely without pain.  It is fantastic to look up at the stars again with out neck pain.  I had stopped looking up because of so much pain.  I have been free of neck, and foot pain since that time.


The next treatment was Nov. 9, 2001 and the issue was left eye pain I had experienced for the past two years.  I knew it was connected to the heart chakra and the 4th and 5th vertebrae in the back.  My vision has been very much tied into the injuries in my body.  Dr. Goldman, who has been working on the condition for two years, has documented this connection.  Also, my eyeglass prescription changes frequently, about every 3-4 months.  It has been like torture to have eye exams because of what they do to my body.  They torque and twist it, and I feel the pain from my sacrum to my head.  The eye pain is very deep in the head and involves the left ventricle according to Dr. Goldman.  The eye feels like it is being rotated to the left and the pain radiates to my teeth too. I have had to travel to New Hampshire to an optometrist who uses a modality similar to the cranial sacral method (feeling what changes occur in my body).  The Dance of Life treatment caused increased pain in the beginning, but then it calmed down.  Claire also worked on my heart chakra and there was a shift in the way the energy moved through body, and specifically in that chakra.

The emotional issue that showed itself to me at this time was the abuse of women, and how a man's backhand slap can affect the eye and face. I saw and felt myself being slapped on the left side, and at the same time I saw a long line of women of many different nationalities being slapped on the right side of the face by a man.  I have never been slapped that way, so it was a surprise to see this image.  Then I saw Afghanistani women hunched down to protect themselves.  As the images were being shown to me I realized I (my left eye) had been afraid to see the abuse that had happened to me and to other women around the world.  As I witnessed this event and felt the changes in my heart chakra, I experienced with my senses (sight, hearing, feeling, & touch) an ancient archetypal pattern of violence towards women.  Then I saw all the women stand up and scream "NO MORE" all at once.  I heard a voice that said this ancient pattern had been broken and I saw the energy go out from my heart into the energy lattice of the world, to all the women of the world.  I have not had any eye pain since the treatment and I feel more positive that women will now stand up to fight abuse openly.


I use the Dance of Life personally for myself and my dog about once a week to help change patterns, but I do notice faster results for myself when I am in a group.  I also use it at night when I go to bed to make changes during my dream time.


Dr. Goldman has stated that he has seen a lot of improvement in my condition since I started the Dance of Life treatments, which I describe to him as energy work.  He will not attribute the change to any one thing, but to all the work being done.  If it works then use it, he says.


Now, my husband Dave, who has had to drive me to CT the past four years, has seen the changes in me.  Here is his input in his own words:


I have never done any energy type work, and have only had Reiki twice and am somewhat of a skeptic, but I do believe that there are things that science has not yet discovered.  However, I can recognize changes in people, and Gaye is making changes, both physically and emotionally.  Even six months after the accident, when one would expect to be about fully healed she still had a lot of pain, and had almost no upper body strength.  Carrying a gallon of milk was a big deal, and I had to do all the more serious lifting that she once thought nothing about, such as carrying the laundry to and from the basement, and pushing the grocery cart and carrying groceries too.  Other activities such as mowing the grass, pushing the vacuum or hanging clothes outdoors were difficult for her to do.


Once she started going to Dr. Goldman things started to improve, but very gradually.  Right after each visit there are a few days of recovery from the trip and treatment, and then 7-10 days of feeling pretty good, and then a decline until the next treatment.  As would be true for most people, her mood and outlook reflected how her body was doing.  I would take one woman to the appointment and come back with a different one!  Her favorite statement after a treatment would be "I can breathe again!"  Even though the trend had been upward, the cyclic nature continued.


Since she started the Dance of Life treatments, which I know very little about, some of her pains have gone away, and the others do not bother her as much as they used to.  Now I travel both ways with the same person, and she takes the ability to breathe as a normal condition again.


As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, verbal abuse and ridicule, Gaye has had a hard time learning to accept that she has value just by her being.  She also suffers from learned helplessness.  All the time I have known her (29 years) I have encouraged and worked to help her grow, and she has changed a lot, much of it through her own efforts.  However, it has been very difficult for her to truly accept her goodness and self worth.  It seems that these Dance of Life treatments have assisted with that acceptance, and she doesn't get down and withdraw as frequently or as severely as she used to.  She also takes more pleasure in life, is more at peace with herself and the world.  The Dance of Life has helped Gaye make changes, and those changes have helped both of us.


As I wrote this testimonial I was impressed again at what patterns have changed and how the Dance of Life works and has changed my life.  I am grateful to Spirit for dancing with Claire and showing her the need and the courage to place this Dance of Life out in the public.  There are no words to say what is in my heart, but the greatest words I can say are THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU, Claire.


Gaye L. King, R.N., M.S., F.N.P.


David E. King



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