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Kim's Testimonial  - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -

It is all about changing who we currently think we are, to become who we really can be.  The Dance of Life has touched the very core of my essence in a more profound way than any other spiritual, energy, or light-worker workshop ever has.  That is not to say that the Dance of Life is better, more enlightening, or more correct.  It is simply an invigorating spiritual experience that has shown me how to strip away my own outer shell, personality constraints, and deep-seated fears to move toward my true self – my God self.


Claire is deeply, deeply committed to bringing in the Dance of Life to the world (now) and all the ‘new energy’ aspects that surround it.   The Dance of Life is a bit of an “in-your-face with love” affair and can really facilitate pulling one’s head out of the sand.  My first Dance of Life left me doing some serious self-examination about my values and priorities in life.  Perhaps more importantly, I began to recognize the limitations on my life as a result of my ego driven emotions. 


Claire’s understanding of the ascendancy over our ego combined with the Atlantean activations which unfold during the workshop have helped me immensely to recognize, move into, and ‘break’ many of my fear-based patterns.  At first I didn’t understand the true relevance of what Claire meant when she spoke of “living in the drama”.  But once I came to terms with my personal emotional patterns through the use of my personal energy vortex, I realized just how much time and energy I was spending worrying, fighting with, and diminishing myself. 


When I am immersed in my vortex, I am better able to understand the emotional drama surrounding an event or issue or circumstance - even if it is only for a few seconds.  I can begin to appreciate my role as merely a ‘player’ in the situation where everyone involved is living out his or her own contracted experiences.  Old patterns of judgment, fear, and anger present themselves to be worked through, rather than solely experiencing them through emotional expression. The great thing is that my vortex is not meditated in or evoked with ritual; nor does it take several minutes to initiate.  It is instant - and is present anytime I ask. 


The wonderful thing about the Dance of Life is that you take it with you to use in your everyday life – long after the workshop is over.  The more I called my vortex in every day events, the more I have come to know I possess the will, power, wisdom, and most importantly, trust in spirit.  Admittedly, I have a lot of work left to do, and do not truly understand what true mastery is. But I worry about these matters much less than before because of my emerging confidence in my own divinity and potential.



Kim Tofin, Ottawa

April 2002


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