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Becky's Testimonial - Columbus, Ohio, USA - 2002

I had the privilege of meeting Claire in 2001 at a Lightworker seminar with Steve and Barbara Rother through  At the end of the first day, she led us through her Dance of Life and I was forever changed even though I wasn’t quite aware of how much so at the time.  These past few years, listening to Dance of Life keeps me grounded.  It continues to play a significant role in assisting me in my desire to consciously evolve. 


I utilize Claire’s Dance of Life and Breaking Patterns on a regular basis as balancing tools—something that brings me back to center whenever the day’s dramas overwhelm me.  Her voice fills me with a resonance of knowingness and my body’s intelligence takes whatever it needs in the moment.  I have no idea how any of this works, I just know that it works well to balance me.  I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Claire and the Dance of Life.  As dramatic as this may sound, in many ways, it saved my life. 


A Bit of Background

In the mid 1980s, I was diagnosed as bi-polar.  My treatment consisted primarily of Lithium and Prozac, and I also self-medicated with alcohol.  After several years and a series of very bad decisions, I realized that I would die if something didn’t change.  I began looking for another way and so my path to wholeness began.  Today I manage my dis-ease through a variety of modalities, and Claire’s work ensures that I keep a steady balance.  Her beautiful voice is a welcome friend who reminds me of my divinity. Because of her gift, I am finally comfortable in my own skin.  Because of her gift, I can participate fully in my own life and my own evolutionary process.  Because of her gift, I found my way out of a very dark place.

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