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“My Experience as an Atlantean Therapist”
-June 2005-

I began offering Atlantean therapy sessions in 1990 and although the process has remained very similar through the years, I must admit that my understanding of it has greatly expanded. The more I uncover and reveal the Atlantean teachings, the more comprehension I gain around the Therapy and the Dance of Life, enabling me to explain these great gifts in a clearer way. Through these 15 years, many have asked me to describe and explain what occurs during a session, so I have decided to relate my experiences and feelings as an Atlantean Therapist.


The sessions always begin with establishing a communication with my client. This involves listening as they share their concerns or confusion in their life experiences. As I listen, I often have a deep sense of recognition and respect for their identity and their experience. Channeled information and teachings assist the client into opening his or her mind to different perspectives and understandings around their issues, promoting a sense of comfort, calm and acceptance in who they are. Many have told me that they felt so much peace after the talk that they wondered if the Atlantean part was even necessary - and the answer is always “yes of course”. The reason is that the Atlantean therapy can bring that same peace and comfort for the physical bodies as well.  


As I begin to surrender to who I am, as I freely allow myself to serve and be the best instrument, I can feel my body and my senses awaken to the vibration of the Atlantean language. The words, the sounds, the chants, the breath, the arm and hand movements all serve to facilitate the session. The language carries the very essence and knowing of the work that is to be done. I hold no agenda to the outcome of the treatment, I only witness its unfolding. The Atlantean work is a celebration and an honoring of the client.


Throughout the treatments I have always felt like a chameleon. At times I have felt like a mother scolding her child whilst at others like a mother, tenderly loving her child. I have at times felt like a surgeon performing surgery as my hands appear to lovingly embrace a specific part of the body as the language communicates with it. I become a vortex worker as I begin to speak the words “dera parkara nera mera kara…” my hand movements activate, clear and align their vortex. I become a Master initiating a student, when specific messages in Atlantean are spoken to the client. I also become an energy worker and playfully watch the array of colors and light move around, in and out of the client as I clear and align on all levels.


One aspect of the treatment that continues to fascinate me is the “infusion of light” process. This is always the part of the session that takes me back to Atlantis as the Atlantean words and chants beckon this light to descend into the power centre - the solar plexus of the client. Hand movements, words and breath assist in the splitting of this light into a spectrum of colors and guide it as it infuses itself into every cell of their being. Clients always love this part. I am so deeply honored to be gifted with these experiences and insights as I witness each process.


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