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By Claire Gibb
October 11, 2002 - Simple Wisdom Channel
The Light held by your vortex of consciousness comes from Source. This divine light carries the new elements that you will be working with. These elements of consciousness and of the earth, when combined with your power and strength will lead to the emergence of the true beginnings. As we break down the patterns of the old, we will open gateways to receive the new elements of creation.
The first element and the most essential one is love. As we totally move into love, after we have broken down the patterns of judgment, we will begin to receive the patterns of the new love; a new love that recognizes each soul. This love will hold the divine patterns of beauty, health, balance and alignment.
The second element is one of divine trust. Trusting in one's power to create all that is pure and all that is divine.
The third element is one of clarity whereby one's path becomes clear and one's purpose is fully aligned with the soul purpose with clear understanding of the language. There will be no need for compassion for we will recognize all that there is. We will know what to say. We will accept responsibility for who we are and in turn, promote responsibility in others. There will be no need for compassion, only recognition.
When one is recognized, one can move. When one is recognized, one can expand. Through love, trust and recognition, all can be changed. All can be one. The wisdom and the clarity will bring forth a new language - one of understanding, one of knowledge.
We all hold the flame of love and of purpose. Let us all serve to recognize and to brighten this flame in each other's hearts. We are all chosen ones. There is no modality better than another.  It is the love of the person that desires to transform. It is the will of the person that desires to move, to take action and to become what it is, a divine will guided by a divine love.
Know of your grandness and illuminate the world. Know who you are and recognize others as who they are. May you all gather in this love and this recognition.  I hold inside my hand a piece of the puzzle. I hold within my heart, a piece of the love. I hold within my eyes, a piece of the vision. I hold within my loins, every birth.
Yes it is time to break the patterns and to allow the pieces to come together to create a new vision, a new love and to give birth to the new child. Present your piece of the puzzle. May you all present your piece. This piece of the puzzle is the identity of who you are.  Your job, the one you have chosen to bring and live here on this earth, is to bring clarity through the recognition of who you are and to trust in your power to evolve your gift of the piece of the puzzle, so that it may fit.
March 23, 2002  - Breaking Patterns
I'll ask you to close your eyes, open your heart...
(Followed by Atlantean words)
My name is Claire and I am in service.
One thing I will ask everybody today and this is really, really important, is for you to open your hearts and recognize that there is a box in your heart.  This box contains your inner child.  This inner child is your spirit. It is who you are. The importance of the breaking of patterns - it is to break the box around your spirit. 
This box is made up of everything you have ever, ever believed in, everything you have ever known to be.  How you act, how you think, how you live, how you react, your physical, your emotional, your mental is all part of this box, all of it.  All of it.  This box limits, contains, holds, imprisons, bind  your spirit.
The only way to free your spirit, to give birth to this spirit, to allow it to grow, to allow it to become aware of its potential within this body, is to begin to break down this box.  This box is ruled by thoughts and by emotions and by drama.  This box has been existing for over 2000 years.  It is solid, like a rock. 
In making choices to break down this box, you are not walking an easy path, not easy at all, but a simple one.  This path has to do with breaking patterns continuously around the way you think, the way you act, the way you feel, the way you react - to begin to break down the patterns, the box of emotions, and of drama, and of judgment, expectations, of agendas, all of it.
Within doing energy work, many of you have expectations, and agendas.  Yes, you would like to grow, you would like to transform, you would like to become who you are.  Your spirit already knows this but your spirit is not in charge - your mind is, the box is.  When you surrender to your spirit, you are asking your spirit to take charge, to assist you, to show you, to guide you. Your choices will change. You will become really aware of your spirit, but at the same time, when we work with agendas and intentions, it is like telling your spirit, I want this and that, I want to grow and I want to grow my way, and that's not how it works.
Yes, my intent is the pure intent of totally transforming.  That's the intent, that is the only agenda.  Everything else that comes after that, if it is led by spirit, will be new to you every day. You will discover things about your self, about your soul.
You will discover things about your mental and your emotional that you never knew before.  You will begin to discover who you are and you can't do that from within the box.  You can't live outside the box and within the box at the same time.  We are within new beginnings.  We have the opportunity to start a new path and open ourselves to our full potential.  We cannot do it from within the box.
This box, through its existence for 2000 years, also carries all the genetics of your body, all of it, your DNA, all of the patterns, all the social patterns, all the political patterns, all the economic patterns, all of the patterns. This box is called fear, it's called old energy, it is called judgment. In working together, in supporting each other, not in drama, but soul to soul, in recognizing who we are, in recognizing who others are, we can begin together to break down the boxes.  You are ready, you are more than ready, but it is not easy, not at first.
It will become easier because the message will become clearer to you; because every time you put a hole in that box, there is light coming in to this spirit of yours and it begins to recognize this light, and begins to grow and expand from within this box, but it is still in the box, and through your choices and through your thought form, you're going to continue to put holes in this box until it totally breaks free. 
One of the reasons why this is so difficult is because this box is all you've ever known.  You find much comfort in this box.  We have never, ever had to accept responsibility for who we are.  We have never had to do that before and this is what is at hand now. This is the only way.
To accept responsibility means change, means empowerment, but also as you change and you make choices to empower it will open your potential , you will begin to recognize who you are, you will begin to recognize your gifts, your tools.  You will begin to recognize other people's gifts and tools. The encouragement will be there if we decide to stand together, the support will be there. But this cannot be done in judgment, it cannot be done competitively.  It cannot be done by looking at people and thinking that they are greater that you because nobody is greater than you.
You are all great.  You are all powerful and you are all spirit.  There is no one to follow but yourself.  As you begin to break this box, you will begin to recognize who you are, you will begin to receive your own information, you will begin to see in a really clear way, your choices and you will recognize which choices empower you and which ones don't.  There will be no need for anyone to say do this or do that or your shouldn't do this or you shouldn't do that.  You will know what to do because your spirit knows and as it begins to break free from this box, it will begin to be recognized. 
Spirit is who you are and if you allow your brain, your left brain, to surrender to your spirit and allow it to guide you, that is all there is.  It cannot be done with expectations and agendas.  It has to be done in total trust.  It has to be done walking with spirit every moment of every day, and allowing yourself to be guided, allowing yourself to be shown. 
There is nothing left to learn , there is only to break patterns around what was learned that no longer serves you.  There was only one thing to learn and it took us 2000 years to learn that the only way that we can exist and that the only way we can reverse the death hormone is by moving into total unconditional love and turning into who you are.  So many people say that they're going to live forever. 
Yes they do have that choice, but the only choice is, is to break the box around the spirit. You cannot live forever if you don't become who you are.  You can call it a tradeoff or you can call it the reason why you are here, this is your life purpose, is to totally, totally transform. We don't know how to transform.  Your brain doesn't know that, because all you have ever learned was how to destroy and how to self destruct, because this was part of your pattern. You are born and you die.
This is what your left brain, this is what your ego knows, that's all it knows.  And to be able to survive, you may need to destroy the person that is next to you.
This is a pattern, it is called competition, you can name it many different things, but what it is, is only self destruction and it turns to survival. We have always had to survive, emotionally, mentally, physically. 
The potential is not having to survive.  The potential is only being and not having to worry about hot or cold, or food.  That's the potential.  The potential is walking with your spirit, living your kundalini experience every moment of every day, living in total bliss.  Knowing that everything you say is exactly right, is exactly timely. 
Knowing that everything you feel is divine, everything you see is through divine eyes, and to live this heaven on this earth is the potential of being.  We cannot even begin to taste this potential, to see this potential, to awaken to it until we begin to break the box of the patterns.
It is time to make different choices.  It is time to awaken ourselves to our own potential to our own power. This power is called love and anything that interferes with this love needs to be broken down. Anything that masks this love needs to be broken down.
The crystalline sheath around your DNA is activated. It is ready.  This crystalline sheath was activated through the first dance of life and continues to be activated around the world at this time through the cd.  This is the work that is being done.  The information is bonus but the activations are happening and these activations are awakening the physical, awakening the emotional, to begin to make different
choices.  You have that ability.
By giving permission to your spirit to work on you, this has been happening through the day and also through the night.   There are many activations that are being done, only through your permission.  Every time activations are happening, and changes are being made, there is a need for you to change and make different choices for yourself mentally and emotionally.
This is what spirit is constantly showing you.  It is not about learning.  It is not about agendas.  It's about allowing.  It's about surrendering to your spirit.  This is being said through many, many channels today.  This is the message. 
It is time for us to begin to recognize who we are and it is time for us to begin to recognize everybody else.  It is time for us to come together and begin to seriously do this work.  Some will, many won't, some might for a time, slow down, go faster, there is no judgment in any of it.  We all do what we can, all of us.  It is possible to make these next ten years, ten years of growth, ten years of discovery and moving into the potential.
The next harmonic convergence is at 2012.  We can do the work, or not.
When I think of 1999, that we had passed the test and we didn't destroy, don't forget the patterns are still there.  We can still do it.  We've patted ourselves on the back for not destroying, but by walking through that gate at the year 2000, we've walked into our potential - but we can't see it.  We've done the work. We have been here for 2000 years trying to do this. We have done the work to be able to open ourselves up to this potential, but we can't see it, because we have difficulty seeing outside the box. 
It is time to break down the box so that we can awaken our potential.  This potential - a lot of it sits in your right brain.  The activations and the patterns being broken are largely between your left and right brain.  In allowing spirit to guide you, you are actually activating and awakening your right brain. It's going to begin to grow and change, develop into its full potential.  In removing the veil between your left and right brain, you will move into wholeness, you will move into oneness, you will finally recognize and really integrate quickly all of your dimensions, all of who you are, all of your angels, all of your guides, whatever is there.  This is all potential.  It is time to break patterns. 
This will make you different from other people, for sure, but there is absolutely no reason that we can't honour and respect and be with others that are not like us, and that is okay.  It is not their turn yet. We have chosen this job and that is why you are here and this is why you always feel propelled to change. This is why you always feel you are being kicked into your next step, your next discovery, your next knowing.
Everybody here channels.  Everybody here receives information.  You have an awareness of what is happening.  You are even aware of the box and everything that the box represents, but when it comes to making the choices, that isn't so easy and it is the same for all of us, all of us. It is the same for everybody, not just the ones in this room, everybody. Some of these choices appear like you are jumping off a cliff and you don't know if there is a net.
This is the trust that we talk about, with spirit, but it will start with small steps.  You can start with those small steps because eventually everybody will jump off the cliff, but you start with small steps and it's easy, and it prepares you.  It will prepare you for when you jump off the cliff, because everybody will eventually jump off the cliff.  Because the ego when it transcends totally, it will be like jumping off a cliff.  That's the last step and the ego at that point will think that you are dying.  It will fight so hard for you not to do that.  It will fight you to the death.
The greatest difficulty in making these changes is the ego.  You live in an energy that is still in duality. The ego is that duality.  There is an energy of duality or we would not exist.  We are in the process of transforming that duality into oneness.  This is the work that you are doing, this is where you begin to break patterns and this is effect that it has on  the collective energy.  You are forerunners of this work.
Yes, you are going to look differently.  Yes, you are going to feel differently.  You are going to react differently, you are going to act differently but as you break down this box and your spirit begins to shine inside, and grow, it is going to bring that wonderful smile to your face.  It is going to awaken the joy inside of you. It is going to awaken the love, the unconditional love inside of you.  It is going to awaken your vision.  It is going to awaken your divine thoughts, and this is when you are going to recognize the beauty of what you are doing.  Ego will keep fighting but spirit will be allowed to do its work and ego will transform, and when ego transforms, transcends totally the duality is gone.  You will no longer have any, any thoughts that are not aligned with your spirit.  You will be in total joy.  You will live that every day. 
May you feel inside your heart, at this point in time, your love for your spirit, knowing in your heart that there is only you.   You are the only one who can transform.  You are the only one that is becoming one, feel this in your heart.  You are the only one who can make these choices. 
You are the only one who can move out of the drama and emotions and feel this heart becoming strong, feel this heart opening to you, to recognize who you are, and in this world around you, nothing else matters.  You will go about your daily life, you will care for people, but as you break down the patterns your love for others will expand in a way you have never known before.  You will automatically know what to do, to assist, to recognize others, but it will be a knowing from inside that heart of yours.
It is your heart that will recognize others, not your brain, not your old patterns, not the judgment.  It will be your heart, and this is not a heart that will filled with emotions and drama, because as you break down the box this heart transforms into total unconditional love which holds no drama, simply a vibration of love, a color of love, a sound of love.
Others standing around you will begin to resonate through their own hearts that beauty and that divinity.  When it is said, what can we do for our kids - become who you are.  What greater gift can be offered to our children but to stand in total truth, total understanding , total knowing of who you are, to transform yourself, what greater guidance, what greater love. 
People meditate for other countries to prevent war. Yes, war will continue of exist as long as there is a duality.  There will not be peace on this earth until we become one.  This is the only way we can exist in this world .  There has to be darkness on one side and light on the other.  You can go ahead and pray all you want.
If you do not transform, and if you do not become one within yourself and me do the same and others do the same and change the collective. Until the earth, mother earth, who reacts and follows us, moves out of duality, there will be war.. Oh it is nice to bring it into a drama, a judgment, blame, but it is all part of the plan.
The continuation of the plan is up of us.  How do we choose today to end the war?  How do we choose today to fed the kids?  How do we choose today to end the poverty?  If there was no poverty, you would not have money because it is the other side of the coin.  This is the only way humans can exist through a duality - the only way.
It is through the transformation, the breaking down of patterns , the unification of each person that will move into the collective, that will anchor the light into the earth and that will cause the quantum leap, the hundredth monkey. 
This is what it's about.  You are not responsible for changing the earth but you are responsible for yourself.  You are responsible to transform and to become who you are.  Do you think you can think yourself into staying alive?  It does not work that way.  Mind over matter, it does not work that way.  The only way it will work is for you to make the choices to break down the patterns of the box, and there are so many boxes. For every aspect of your being, there is a box.  For every cell of your body there is a box.  For every thought you have there is a box. 
Every action you take holds a pattern, every thought that you have holds a pattern, everything that you feel holds a pattern and these patterns are everybody's patterns, everybody.  Nobody is any different from anybody else, but everybody holds the identity of who they are as a spirit.  As a human being, you are all the same.  As spirits, there isn't one greater than another, but you are all different and this is where the piece of the puzzle comes in. All of these pieces have a spot, a specific little spot.
It is time to begin to recognize ourselves, to bring out our real identity, and as much as you may not know what that identity is, it doesn't matter. Make the choices to break down the box, and you will know who you are . You will recognize your identity. You may continue to go to others, and continue to ask and say who am I, who am I, what am I doing, what is my purpose here, why am I here.
You can keep asking those questions or you can give permission to your spirit to unfold these things for you, to begin to show you who you are, but the only way that can be done is to surrender with no expectations and no agendas, to open your heart freely and allow it to come out of the box. 



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