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             “The Atlantean Dance of Life: A gift from our past”


By Claire Gibb, August 2005.

The last couple of years have marked the expansion and the emergence of many discoveries related to my Atlantean work.

It has become clear to me that the Dance of Life is ultimately linked to the Atlantean language and originated in Atlantis. Similar dances were performed in Atlantis and provided then, and continue to provide an empowering connection with one’s identity and assist the development of a profound understanding and honoring of all life.


Explaining the Dance has always been very challenging for me. It is like trying to put into words a natural gift or talent that you don’t have to practice or work at… it simply happens. I give myself permission, allow and it starts. Take, for instance, a gifted pianist. This person would automatically feel very adept at a piano; have a natural feel of the keys and an ear for music. Even though they would have to practice a lot, it would be effortless and totally enjoyable. If someone was to comment on their ease and great ability, they would reply “it simply flows”. Gifts are difficult to explain, or to put into words, because they are an integral part of you, and many have told me that I am the Dance of Life.


Included in this article is my description of the Dance, its history and the key elements involved in practicing the Dance. I will answer questions that have been asked through my years of sharing the Dance of Life and hope that you will get a clear picture of what it involves and what it can do for you.


History of the Dance of Life


When I was 18, I was introduced to an active meditation. In time, this meditation began to take on a different form as my Atlantean language surfaced and gradually revealed itself. As I reached my mid 30’s, my interests in serving others lead me into new discoveries involving energy work and alternatives. I took Reiki and other courses such as Health Kinesiology, color and sound therapies, trance channeling etc. I soon discovered that all of my years of practicing, surrendering and allowing enabled me to quickly grasp and perform effortlessly all of these tasks and more. I also began to realize that doing my Dance of Life offered me more healing, peace and understanding than any other technique I could have learned.


I was astounded when, one day, in offering a Reiki treatment, I surrendered to allow the Reiki to flow and instead, the Dance of Life began, introducing me to my first experience in Atlantean Therapy. I did not dare speak too loudly at the time, but the words were there being spoken under my breath. I began seeing colors, feeling vortexes and best of all, my hand movements were indicative as to the work that needed to be done and where. It was fascinating as I could allow and witness the process without judgment, or any mental knowing of what was happening. Explanations would sometimes come during the session in the form of thoughts, or after the session through discussions with my clients. Not too long into doing treatments, I began to receive more and more information on Atlantis through visions and my Dance of Life. I knew at that point, that the Dance of Life was to be a permanent fixture in my life, as I realized that the language played a very specific role and that whatever I decided to do, I could do it better and with more integrity if I did it through the Dance.  


In 1992, I decided to share the Dance of Life with close friends. I had no words to describe this exercise and told them to surrender and allow along with me and it happened... This was my first acknowledgement that it was possible to pass on this tool to others through the Atlantean language.  


In 1993, after receiving my teaching degree in Reiki, I established a practice and began hosting Reiki nights for all who were interested in receiving first-degree attunements and practicing Reiki on others. One day, I channeled that the Dance of Life was to be introduced at the Reiki nights. I also channeled instructions on how to present the information and the activations, giving birth to my Dance of Life gatherings. We would gather once a week and the nights would involve: an activation to the Dance, a Dance of Life in group and sometimes a group channel from Quan Yen who would present very enlightening information for the group, and of course we cannot forget the snacks and chat afterwards.


For many years, the Dance of Life was known as the energy exercise. The name was channeled in late 90’s and the description came a few months later in a class as I suddenly connected with the words: freedom, peace, movement, suppleness, guidance, partnering, flexibility, motion, imagination, grace, spontaneity, rhythm, beat, flow, strength, assurance, confidence, body and a divine sense of empowerment. At that moment, I realized that the name “Dance of Life” was totally appropriate because this is what the Dance had always enabled in my life, all of these and so much more…


Since then I have worked internationally with many, through workshops, gatherings and private sessions and have expanded my knowledge of how the dance works and the benefits acquired through this exercise.


What is The Dance of Life?


The Dance of Life is not a actual dance. It is a physical, emotional and mental manifestation of self that occurs through a surrendering of the mind.

The Dance is a self-guided expression by the part of ourselves that knows who we are. I refer to it as our higher self or our god self… In my upcoming book, I describe this aspect of our identity as our Filter. The filter knows what and whom and when and where…. It is that part of our identity that honors our walk, our journey, our experiences, our gifts, our talents, our gene pool and the timing as to how our life unfolds. Our filter knows what we need as it holds our true identity.

How does it happen?

The vibration of the Atlantean language activates the Dance of Life and facilitates the surrendering and the expression of your identity.

Either in my presence, or with the activation CD, all a person has to do is surrender to their “Higher self” and allow it to express itself freely. If you can think of yourself as a child, or if you have observed small children, as sometimes they appear to lose themselves in a wave of bliss, as they dance and twirl and sing and chant. They are oblivious as to what is happening around them, or of what another would think; they simply do their thing and when it is over, they stop. We look at them in awe of their simplicity and their great ability to allow themselves to be. That is what the Dance of Life is. I have observed in workshops, held for teenagers or “indigo young adults” that in most cases, they would move into the dance easily and naturally.


As adults, the mind and self-judgment interferes with our ability to surrender. For me the Dance happens automatically, as it has for others. For some, it has taken up to a year of practicing to be able to achieve the total surrendering and allowing. I have noticed that if they were patient and diligent with the CD or the gatherings, eventually they would walk into the greatest gift their identity could ever offer them, a life of peace. Once you walk into it, you no longer need the Atlantean language, as it only serves to prompt the mind to shift. Once it has shifted, the process becomes very natural. It becomes a state of being, for you begin to live your life through your dance.


The Dance of Life works with our mind. Our mind tries to understand our behavior as it compares, judges and conceptualizes beliefs. Our mind thinks that it supports and controls every step of our identity. The Dance of Life awakens our mind into becoming a more objective observer. It enables it to witness and trust the identity, and ultimately allows it to express itself freely, with less judgment and more ease.


The Dance is not a meditation, for the mind remains very present during the dance. The practice is to bring the mind into observation mode rather than active mode.


In observation mode, your mind cannot pass judgment on what is happening. It is like asking your mind to relax and watch without comments and without willing things to happen.


In active mode, your mind questions every movement, chant, word that occurs during the dance, preventing you from surrendering and allowing. For example: have you ever noticed how your behavior changes around certain people. You act silly and all of sudden notice your partner or parent looking at you with those eyes, you know the ones that say “don’t be childish” or “act like an adult” and in that instant, all changes and you immediately stop.     


Many have related to me after their Dance that they felt like crying or moving, but were reluctant because they felt stupid and could not allow themselves to go there, “what will people think?”. With practice, your mind shifts into accepting and allowing the process without interference. Thus allowing you to live your life with more ease and freedom, which I call living your Dance.


During my Dance, I simply allow, and my mind witnesses the phenomena. I am fully aware of what is happening and can stop at any time. Yet, I am not making myself twirl or cry or laugh intentionally. It feels like my mind detaches itself from the process, for when my mind tries to interfere, the Dance stops. One good example is the Atlantean language. During my dance, I immediately recognize the words and sentences, chants, tones etc. As soon as my mind decides that it wants to repeat a nice chant or memorize the words, everything stops. This is why, when not in the dance, I cannot remember the words. They appear to bypass my intellectual mind.


Living the Dance of life is to be able to continually allow and accept the flow of life within ourselves and others; in honor and respect of the roles we all play.

What the dance of life has done for me

“The Dance of Life is a gift, a tool and a state of being.”


I have been speaking Atlantean and doing the Dance of Life for almost 40 years... The Dance of Life has been the best tool of life I could ever need. It has served me through my every step and phase. Whether I was living a crisis, physical ailments, or emotional struggles, I could always rely on the Dance to bring me comfort, understanding and healing. It has also been my tool for self-discovery as it has guided me to recognize my roots as an Atlantean, a shaman and a priestess. I have grown as the Dance has shown me how to open my mind to new discoveries while breaking down the patterns of limiting concepts and beliefs. Through the Dance I have lived the continuous transition and expansion of my perception and understanding of life.  


Upon finishing each dance I have always had the sensation of having given myself a therapy session, leaving me in a good frame of mind and in a divine sense of peace and comfort. I feel physically and emotionally stronger and ready to face whatever life could throw at me. And believe me, life has sent many challenges; some even appeared to be insurmountable. The Dance had the ability to bring an understanding of what was being asked of me and gave me the strength to face these challenges with integrity and inner guidance.


The Dance of Life has always been the foundation of all of my energy work including teaching, writing, channeling, practicing the Atlantean therapy sessions along with other forms of alternative therapies.


I begin every conference, workshop and counseling therapy session by surrendering. This explains my feelings of recognition and understanding for others as I freely present information and activations. Whether I am teaching or listening to someone, this is the space that keeps me focused on what is important and guides me to say what needs to be heard at that moment. When I surrender for a phone session, the connection occurs on a soul level, when the essence of the person presents itself to me, giving me permission and showing me what I am to do and where.


What the Dance of Life can do for you


The Dance has the ability to allow yourself to delve into your very being and objectively observe who you are, and often whom you have been, as a human being. It does not change who you are, but these observations give you the strength and wisdom to accept and understand your daily life.


The Dance of Life is not only a gift from our past,

but also one of the most efficient empowering tools of our time…


When practiced, the Dance of Life helps you cope with life as it:


         Brings stability and centeredness to your mind

         Reduces mental and physical reactions

         Relieves stress, depression, phobias, anxiety and pain

         Provides you with inner strength

  • Assists you in developing a true sense of freedom, joy and peace in living who you are
  • Awakens a more profound understanding and clarity of self.
  • Reveals the simplicity of life

Peace is acquired through the realization that you are living your life to the best of your abilities at all times. It is knowing that you can handle anything that comes along and you can easily ride the wave until things shift again. 


The Dance of Life is a gift of understanding, as you witness for the first time how your mind functions, a tool of self discovery and recognition as you connect with who you really are and with your importance in the scheme of things. With practice, it becomes a state of being as you begin to live with more awareness and objectivity, start honoring all aspects of your life, and recognize the beauty of creation and the mastery behind the plan…


I've now been doing the Dance and attending workshops for about 13 years. My life is filled with joy, peace and fun! And when there is a bump in the road, as inevitably occurs from time to time, I can handle it quite well. I no longer ride the emotional roller-coaster and drama is no longer a part of my existence. But what really blows me away is that I no longer get sick - haven't been sick for several years, in fact! I used to have regular, yearly bouts of bad head and chest colds, coughs, laryngitis and the flu. Doing the Dance and receiving Atlantean treatments has been awesome. I have experienced the benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This has also affected those around me in a very positive way. My gratitude to Claire for the wondrous gifts that she offers is profound.


Patricia, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - 2005 



Whenever I think about  all the energy training I have ever received, you stand out in my mind as one of the most grounded, open and loving instructors I have ever had. Thank you for your gift of sharing and your time you put into your work and students.
Heather, Saul St Marie, Ontario, Canada - 2005

My first workshop with Claire was difficult. I had to do my work with a small group. So far all of my work had been individual. I knew I needed to go to this workshop. The reason was not apparent until after I completed it. The Dance of Life experience with the group gave me my first glimpse of being able to identify “calm” and block out “distractions”. It was very, very frustrating. I didn’t know weather to laugh, yell or just run out of the room. Something made me stay. I decided to sit down. I decided the only sound I would listen to was Claire’s voice. I did not understand the language, and I started to allow that to distract me. The outside voices so distracting, I had to listen with my ears plugged. I was determined. I said I surrender over and over, and had no real expectation. To my delight, I had a “few seconds” of peacefulness. I felt it. I did it myself. I returned the next day because I wanted to see if I could feel it again. I worked hard, and the more I practiced the dance, the longer I would feel the calm The more times I did the dance in a group, the more I was able to learn how to find that peace and calm even when there was noise and distraction.


As I practiced, I was able to question more. What have I learned? I have learned that I don’t need to go into every new situation scared. That waking up in the morning grouchy was a pattern that I had done for so long, that I didn’t even question its usefulness. I have been given ample experiences to show me that I can trust myself to find my own answers. I can listen to others without taking on all of their emotions. I am a responsible person. That I have more energy to be helpful, loving and giving, now that I am closer to knowing me. That when I do get caught up in life’s emotions and am pulled outside of myself, I have a tool. I will do the dance, I will surrender, I will embrace, I will have no expectation and most importantly I will trust.


Every time, and I mean every time, I do the Dance of Life, my day goes smoother. Trust me, I tested this over and over. As with everything, whether it be counseling, studying to be a nurse, learning a new hobby, getting to know yourself; it takes practice, practice, practice.

                                                    Debbie, Binghamton, NY, USA - 2004




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