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Atlantean Therapy sessions are offered
in person and/or by phone.

 “The illusion is not in what we live

but in how our mind perceives it”

Atlantean Therapy Sessions include:

         A treatment in the Atlantean Language.

      This Atlantean treatment is channeled and unique to each individual as it totally  supports and compliments the counseling session. The vibration of the words, the sounds of the toning and chants communicate with every cell of your being as hand movements work at breaking down and releasing mental blocks around physical and emotional issues.


         An informative and empowering counseling session based on the Ancient Atlantean Teachings.

    Atlantean teachings are simple and practical. These fascinating revelations offer you the opportunity to look at your life -or a specific issue- from a brand new angle. They bring profound clarity and meaning to your life and assist in gaining greater peace, understanding, and objectivity in regards to yourself, your experiences and your relationships.


                A recording of your Atlantean session.


Through these sessions, you will:     


Learn to be your own observer.

Discover comfort in who you are.

Awaken your mind to its innate freedom and joy.

      Through the 15 years of offering Atlantean therapy sessions to adults, teenagers and children, they have proven to be very effective in relieving stress, anxiety, depression and pain and have also assisted in stabilizing serious mental or physical issues. As your mind understands, your body relaxes, allowing you to live in peace, centeredness and  stability.

"My Experience
as an Atlantean Therapist"
By Claire Gibb

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