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Elise's Testimonial  - Rouen, France -

The dance of life has been a real gift in my life. I know that I’ll never be the same person again… It truly opened my potential and facilitated my understanding of what is going on within me and around me. It’s like I’m feeling and seeing so clearly now how manipulation, drama and emotions work, how they affect me and how they can limit my actions and keep me small and vulnerable. I’m now becoming aware more and more everyday, of my potential and I can even feel it in my body, around the heart chakra like something getting bigger and bigger in my chest, like some kind of joyful energy or power that always drives me to the next step. It’s a feeling of limitless capability and an ever-growing self trust. I have the impression to experience life and make my choices without any kind fear at all! I feel free of constraints, of guilt, totally open to my potential and to the new Energy that I choose to experience as the very basis of my choices and life.


Thanks to you, Claire, thanks to the great and empowering information you give at your workshops about the New Energy and the breaking of old patterns, thanks also to your treatments and to the many hours we’ve spent having fun and talking and talking again, I’ve been able to break many patterns that were keeping me in fear and unworthiness. I’ve realized that life didn’t have to be serious on certain occasions and fun on other, but that I could enjoy any moment and live them ALL in joy if I chose so. And, of course, I do choose so!!!  I love change and my deepest desire is to keep moving and shifting. I can’t wait to see what my next step will be and what I will manifest in my life through my choices.


I honor your work, Claire, and am so grateful and honoured for your assisting my transformation and supporting me in my choices. Thank you for sharing this deep joy of yours! Thank you!!!


I do recommend the Dance of Life to anyone ready to empower, to totally transform their life, to take full responsibility for their actions and willing to broaden their consciousness in the New Energy to discover their true potential.

                                                                                            Elise Divay

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