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Joan's Testimonial  - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

Claire, Dear Sister of the Light.


It's me again. I wanted to thank you for your concern and your assistance. I did the Dance of Life and requested of Spirit to clear my house, as you suggested.


Well it felt great, no fear whatsoever. And I traveled through out my home... my self esteem is soaring and I feel so worthy/deserving of my wonderful gifts, my home is warm and comfy once again. 


I was also given through the Dance of Life the realization it was not negativity in my home, it was my perception of the negativity in my home...because of all the problems I was having here...and it was my own fears that were holding me back...I was not feeling what the power of Love will do for us...Love of oneself, plays such a profound part in our life...I thank Spirit for showing me the way...and I also thank you Claire, for you share your gift with so much love and light.....Namaste.


May your Light shine brightly through eternity.


hugs from joan of arc

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