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The following symbols were created with sacred geometry during differents stages of Claire's work.
The symbols and their descriptions are provided below.

1. Northern Energy & Wellness Centre Symbol Description

This symbol was the product of insight for Claire's Northern Energy & Wellness Centre and was created in 1995. The images came forth with the following explanations.


The circle graduating from purple to pink represent " the Source " or Reiki energy beginning with pink and transforming into Spiritual elevation, purple. The Green grid work represents the universal energy and protection. The geometrical symbol in the center consisting of two 3-dimensional pyramids introverted, represents the Atlantian heritage.


2. Dance of Life Symbol Description


The symbol was created in 2000 and represents a living, activated energy vortex. The colours are moving, sparkling and iridescent.


While listening to the Dance of Life soul activations, I began to receive images of an ancient Andean city in Northern Bolivia (68W, 16S) called Tihuanaco.

This city was a break-away society to escape the complete destruction of Atlantis. The higher knowledge was carried forth into this society and Claire was actively involved with the temple as a healer and facilitator.  It was in this life that Dance of Life was born.  Today, these ancient ruins are surrounded by the well known petroglyphs viewed from the sky.


The soul symbol is actually viewed from the top looking straight down.
The spiral begins from the source of our Universal Creator and spirals down into the third dimension. This spiral creates the sacred space around the subject.

The inside triangle is the symbol of the third dimension and its colours represent healing and transmutation on the physical and emotional level.


The three intersecting ovals represent the nuclear action which transforms biology at the very cellular level. The indigo colour indicates scientific data, the mental level and the architects.


The violet circle behind the large triangle denotes spiritual wisdom and protection.


The pink circle denotes unconditional Love, truth and power.


The three smaller golden triangles represent the holy trinity energy and act as plug-in points to this energy, as well as, activation and stabilization symbols.

3. Breaking Patterns Symbol Description

Every soul symbol contains the codes and activations for the mastery of your God Self. The more that you work with your symbol will allow for the alignment and integration process to occur. It does not necessarily reflect what you are currently doing, but rather holds the highest potential of your purpose.


This symbol was created in 2001 and is viewed from the top and inside are two hollow, yellow triangles that appear to be different sizes.


However, if viewed from the side you can see that they are the same size but on different levels (one further away from the other) and these triangles serve to literally break-up old energetic patterns in a very rapid way.


Because there are two of them, the acceleration process is greatly enhanced. The yellow colour represents POWER - it transforms the power and energy at the physical level.


Intertwining these triangles is a magenta symbol resembling a butterfly clip. If viewed from the side you can see that  the center lines do not cross or touch each other. The top left corner is elevated up high then descends down to the right bottom corner, loops around and ascends to the top right corner and descends to the bottom left corner (ie: roller coaster).


This symbol represents perpetual, circular energy and the magenta represents grounding, protection and unconditional love.


The golden spiral is the Christed energy from the Divine Creator which assists and permeates the whole process of breaking patterns.


Surrounding all these elements is a red netting or gridwork that is open on the top and bottom. This netting serves to hold and maintain the energy around an individual and is made of pure lifeforce. It also transforms the cellular part of the physical structure.


The background radiates from a turquoise colour to an indigo colour. The turquoise represents Universal Brotherhood and the indigo represents The Architects and wisdom. Both colours are associated with Shaman energy.



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